What can you do using Javascript

Javascript is quietly but steadily taking over the globe. It began as the browser's language, then developed and altered. It is presently one of the world's most widely used programming languages.


This is the most evident. Node.js and React are two of the most popular backend and frontend programming frameworks, and both are 100% Javascript. Wrappers in other languages that compile to Javascript exist for these libraries. If you're working on a website, you'll have to utilize Javascript whether you like it or not.


In terms of marketing and interactive technology, chatbots are the next big thing. Almost everyone uses a chat app. I think I have something like 6 loaded on my phone. Botpress is a javascript-based platform for building and maintaining chatbots. Furthermore, almost all chatbot-as-a-service solutions employ conventional web protocols, therefore javascript works well.

System scripts

Javascript became a system utility language with the introduction of node.js. Minimist is a command line option parsing framework that provides as a starting point for CLI input. For system scripts, the node ecosystem includes a whole slew of useful tools: Chalk – Allows you to colorize the output of your terminal. It's also fantastic for logging! clui — A command-line tool for drawing graphs and tables. inquirer — Assists with the creation of interactive Q/A prompts for user input. There are plenty others. The node ecosystem includes a robust collection of command-line utilities as well as a fantastic package management. It's great to be able to just type 'npm install -g my-command-util' and be done.

Video games

Javascript is being utilized to create complete gaming engines, rather than just being confined on the internet. In fact, javascript was the only language I've ever used to create a game! In Javascript, there isn't just one video game engine. I just completed playing CrossCode, a game built using the Impact.js engine. It was fantastic. And, since it's written in JS, it's as cross-platform as you can get.

Machine Learning

How could JS remain out of the ring when AI is all the rage? Tensorflow from Google is now available in javascript. But it's not the only one. There are some more excellent frameworks as well: BrainJS is a programming language that may be used to create neural networks. For natural language processing, a compromise is required. WebDNN is a browser-based neural network engine that uses graphics cards to execute neural networks. Keras.js is a javascript library that allows you to execute Keras models that have already been trained. There are several additional projects that I am unable to put here. The main lesson is that javascript allows you to access machine learning and artificial intelligence from the server to the browser. This makes it simple to use JS to connect to an existing backend or app.

Robots and IoT

Javascript will power our future metal rulers, if that wasn't evident before. It's time to connect your online brain to your metal-clad destruct-o-bot after you've got your web api running your machine learning program. For your world-conquest delight, here are two nice frameworks: Johnny-Five— Named after Short Circuit's friendly robot. Every major DIY electronics kit has an official hardware kit and plugins. It's difficult to make a mistake because if you do, your invention will kill a grasshopper and make you miserable. Cylon JS is named after the Battlestar Galactica's deadly robots. A robotics kit that believes earth dominance is a waste of time and that galactic dominance is much more exciting.